Wall art sound diffuser for sale

Sound diffusers for modern wall decoration made in Greece

WOODBLOCKER is a craftsman based in Athens,Greece who creates wall art sound diffuser for sale. Sound diffusers are extremely stylish wall art decors with abstract patterns as well. They are excellent modern decorations for home, living room, office and any space.

Woodblocker has a modern workshop and manufactures high quality sound diffusers or sound absorbing wooden panels. He can build a sound diffuser depending your needs fitting in any surface you have available in your space. Furthermore, he offers a wide range of decorative patterns.

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What are wall art sound diffusers used for?

In short words, they have 2 properties. The first one is decorative. The latter is functional as they allow the uneven sounds to diffuse into space.


What do diffusers offer and why installing one in your space?

Wall art sound diffusers and wood panels are used in large areas to deal with sound deviations, such as echo. They are an excellent alternative to the lack of sound insulation. Alternatively, they complete the sound absorption because they do not remove the sound energy. They can be used in order to effectively reduce various echoes and reflections. They give a lively sound feel into a room. A diffuser will stimulate sound energy in many directions, making the sound feel smoother.


What are the advantages?

Diffusers are 100% eco-friendly because they are made of wood.

They offer positive acoustic properties especially in large spaces.

They are extremely tasteful wall decorations.

They offer a modern and abstract feeling in your space.

They are produced in many different patterns.

They remind of 3D wall sculptures.

They have a very long lifespan since wood is very durable.

They are resistant and clean without damage. (compared to a canvas)

They are easily installed in walls.



You can contact WOODBLOCKER

by mail to moker.1972@yahoo.gr

by phone at +306939832608


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