Modern jewellry

Modern jewellry

Modern jewellry by Greek designer Austri Crux

Modern handmade jewellry combines high aesthetics with the luxury that silver offers at affordable prices. This article introduces handmade jewellry made by young yet talented Greek designer “Austri Crux”. His modern handcrafted jewellry are of excellent design and high quality technique.

Can artistic jewellry be worn daily?

Since the 1960s the limits of goldsmiths have been constantly redefined. The conventions have been contested by successive generations of freelance creators, often trained in art institutions and inspired by radical ideas.

New technologies and non-precious materials, such as plastics, paper and textiles, have reversed the way mass-production jewellry had been perceived until then.

Avant-Garde’s artists explored the interaction of jewellry with the body, pushing the boundaries of scale and fashion to the limit. Modern goldsmiths have developed the art of jewellry to a more wearable art at the same time. The controversy over the relationship of jewellry to art is still ongoing.

Austri Crux’s jewellry is both artistic and wearable at the same time

Modern jewelry

Modern jewelry

Austri Crux is a jewellry designer that has created a collection of fashionable handmade silver jewellry. While silver is combined with luxury in our minds, the creator of these jewellry, manages to produce silver earrings, necklaces and rings that combine modern, minimal and simple with luxury and art. His inspiration originated from observing simple things in everyday life. Through a completely handmade process of the art of silver jewellry, he strives for simplicity in his designs so that they are wearable and artistic at the same time.

Modern jewelry

Modern jewelry

The modern jewellry collection he created for 2019 combines the following advantages: it is of exceptional quality as it uses genuine silver, it is hypoallergenic due to the nature of silver, it is aesthetically pleasing and fits into various fashion styles and handmade! Handmade jewelry requires huge processing time and is not comparable to modern mass-produced jewelry. Finally, it is a fashionable, handmade, artistic jewelry accessible to everyone!

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What is art jewelry?

The artistic jewel traces its origins to the “Arts & Crafts Movement” in the mid-1850s as a result of efforts to reform the design and decoration of Great Britain in the mid-19th century. It was a reaction against industrialization and cheap-mechanical imitation of decorative elements. The people who supported the “Arts & Crafts Movement” noticed the problems created by mass production and preferred genuine and handmade artefacts.

The “Arts and Crafts movement” did not promote a particular style, but advocated reform as part of its philosophy and aroused criticism of industrial work. As modern machines replaced workers, supporters of the Arts and Crafts called for an end to the division of labor and promoted the designer as a craftsman. Thus was born modern artistic jewelry.


In Greek, jewelry is called “Kosmima” originating from Adornment

The name comes from the verb “Kosmo” which means adorn. Jewelry includes any ornament of any use and if used it is one of the first areas of folk crafts.

From prehistoric times, mankind was inspired by the goods of nature that surrounded him and chose some of them to create ornaments. Such ornaments were necklaces and rings made of shells, beautiful sea stones, bones and more. There was an impression in these early years that ornaments are a means of power, imposition, creation, appreciation by others. Men were often adorned to attract women.

Many civilizations have left plenty of jewelry. Like the Mycenaean Greece that has delivered many jewels that are distinguished for their artistic value even though they are dated to 2500 years BC.

How does silver jewelry clean?

silver polishing cloth and a little elbow grease is the easiest and fastest way to give your piece a shiny finish,” Berg said. Or wash the silver in warm water using a non-lemon mild dish detergent and a sponge or soft cloth. Dry and buff to a shine.

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