Handmade Artistic Greek jewelry by Austri Crux

Artistic and modern Greek jewelry

Presenting Greek jewelry handcrafted by modern Greek designer Autri Crux

Austri Crux is a young jewelry artist based in Greece. He’s not just dedicated to handcrafted Greek jewelry, but to unique art jewelry made of silver 925. All the jewelry he creates is of unique design, working on every piece with all his creativity. If you buy his jewelry, you buy literally jewels made by hands of the artisan.


Why is “Austri Crux” handmade jewelry unique?

The pieces are soldered, sawed, carved and shaped without the use of mass produced manufacturing machinery. Since there are no machines involved, handmade jewelry takes an incredible amount of time to produce just a single piece. As a designer, Austri Crux often spend hours designing a single piece of jewelry for a client. The time to make the piece often can take weeks.


Where is jewelry design inspired from? 

Austri Crux has a very close relationship with each piece or design he designs and created. The design process is of each piece is followed by his own philosophy and perception of life. Austri Crux talks about his inspirational process and says, “The way I create jewelry is by conveying an image or feeling from the ideal world to the here and now, giving a shape that I allow to evolve throughout this transformation.
These forms, or jewls, are various expressions of a the whole. The main source of my inspiration is observation. Both external and internal as well as my need to discover the whole. The whole of what I call the Self.”


Handmade Artistic Greek jewelry by Austri Crux

Handmade Artistic Greek jewelry by Austri Crux


Why buy handcrafted silver Greek jewelry?

In all his handcrafted jewelry, the materials involved are of best silver quality. Let us remind that it is impossible to know exactly what alloys are used in mass produced factories where dirty metals are blended together to create costume pieces. Therefore, handmade jewelry making is generally sourced from highly reputable suppliers.

The quality of his unique handcrafted jewelry is of higher quality because an artisan has the ability to track and control the process from start to finish. Austri Crux is extremely proud of the work he produces. He isn’t going to let something of inferior quality leave his studio with his name on it.

Remember that by buying a unique art from Austri Crux, except of an investment, you are supporting something even bigger. You should feel really good about your purchase knowing that you have a special piece of the artist in your jewelry collection.

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You can contact the artist by mailing to austricrux@gmail.com


How is jewelry made?

Jewelry casting is the process by which a wax pattern is made into a jewelry mold and then filled with molten metal or silver to create a custom piece of jewelry. Once the mold is prepared, jewelry makers will put the mold into oven until the plaster hardens.

Why is jewelry made of silver?

Uses of Silver in Jewelry and Silverware. Because it is so soft, silver must be alloyed with base metals, like copper, as in the case of sterling silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper). Even though it resists oxidation and corrosion, silver can tarnish, but with a little polish, it can shine for a lifetime.


Can you make jewelry out of pure silver?

Pure silver, also referred to as fine silver, has actual silver content of 99.9%. Because of its high purity, fine silver is too soft to use in jewelry making and is often mixed with other metals to make it harder.

How can I tell if my jewelry is silver?

The easiest way to test if your jewellery is really sterling silver is to get a magnet and place it next to your piece of jewellery. Metals such as gold, silver and platinum are not magnetic, so if your jewellery is attracted to the magnet, you can be sure that your piece isn’t real silver.

What was ancient Greek jewelry made out of?

Gold became primary decorative raw material, although silver, lead, bronze and various alloys were also used. Carefully crafted rings, necklaces and pendants were some of the most known jewelry types from that period.

What jewelry did ancient Greeks wear?

Greeks that were wealthy wore a lot of jewelry. Gold and gems were favorites in ancient Greece. The Greeks learned how to make jewelry with gems such as emeralds, pearls, and amethysts. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, arm bands, and thigh bands were some of the most popular types of accessories worn.

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