Save this template to your computer and print at 150 dpi to get correct size.  the total height is 3 3/4"!

To create a rose, trace around your template onto the back of your paper, cut out along solid lines.  fold all dotted lines to the inside or wrong side of paper.  Using glue or double sided sticky tape (recommended), first adhere edge tab to base and then each of the rose base pieces.  This will form closed bottom. To create the stem: Use a 10"long piece of florist wire, make a loop at one end.  Feed the un-looped end through the bottom of the flower and using duct tape, tape the loop to the inside of the box.  Wrap the wire with florist tape, coming up onto the paper rose to create a good bond and nice looking flower base...wrap all the way down the wire.  Create leaves by cutting out leaf shapes with deckle edged scissors.  Cut two back to back pieces per leaf.  Tape a piece of 20 gauge wire inside each pair of leaves, glue together, then wrap with florist tape.  When using florist tape be sure to stretch the tape as you wrap, to activate the adhesive.  Florist tape is only adhesive to itself.  After wrapping three leaves per flower twist all three of them together and then around the Rose stem.  Wrap again, over all the wires with more florist tape.