Paranormal Romance Altered Book Round Robin

My book was based on Romance novels that were about Vampires.  Each person in the round had a different genre of the paranormal romance books ghosts, dream warriors, shape shifters, fairies etc...we were to incorporate our theme with theirs as we did our artwork.  Unfortunately this RR ended tragically ..many of the books were kept by other players and maybe less than half made it home.  Mine never made it back.  The hostess disappeared was sad and frustrating

I am totally not into morbid things ..but I do love vampires...I would do one with a similar theme again.  My book I titled as below....cover and lead in page


sign in pockets


the story of Dracula and how his daughters were created


the main character...the daughter

how she traveled ..this was so cool it was a popup coffin with a girl that popped up inside when opened

artowork in one of the other books


artwork i did in the Dream Warriors book

and artwork done in the ghost themed book