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Nokian WR G4

Forget the Forecast

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All-Weather performance

Forget the Forecast

The versatile Nokian WR G4 optimally combines high-performance, all-season handling and reliable winter grip to make it a true all-weather tire. Nokian Tyres’ fourth generation all-weather tire builds on the uncompromising performance of its predecessors with new innovations ensuring performance in snow storms, heavy rain or sun-scorched asphalt you can forget the forecast regardless of the season.

Officially approved for winter use

We recommend this tire also for electric and hybrid cars!

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Brings you home safely

Nokian WR G4 is designed to offer you a comfortable ride and long-lasting tread life, but most of all safety in every season.

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Efficiently routes rain, snow and slush away from the contact surface

The inner shoulder’s fan-like rib pattern with functional tread blocks and Blade Grooves efficiently routes rain, snow and slush away from the contact surface.

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Effective aquaplaning prevention

The curved, ramp-like design of the tread blocks on the inner shoulder guides and accelerates the flow of water from the longitudinal grooves into the transverse grooves.

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Maximize biting edges while maintaining stable handling

With a new All Weather Dual Performance Compound, the Nokian WR G4 features longer lasting tread life and draws inspiration from nature with its Centipede Siping.

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Maximum snow grip, precise handling

The centre area is dominated by a sturdy longitudinal rib consisting of tread blocks with jagged sipes that resemble the footprints of a centipede.

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More innovations

Improves longitudinal grip especially on snow

Snow Claws

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Increases stiffness and improves handling

Groove Lifts

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More driving comfort

Silent Sidewall Technology

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Latest news of Nokian WR G4

Nokian Tyres launches new all-weather performance tire: Nokian WR G4 combines high-performance, all-season handling and reliable winter grip

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