Bar art jewelry pin cocktail shaker

Bar art jewelry pin

This pin is 100% handmade and produced in Greece.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver ,the back side part of the pin is made from brass.

Height: 24mm

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Total weight 6.70gr

Available in two colors silver or 24k yellow gold plated.

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Bar art jewelry pin cocktail shaker

Bar art jewelry pin made of 925 sterling silver

Inpired by the bartender cocktail shaker

This product is a jewelry pin inspired by a Bar cocktail shaker.

This bar art jewelry pin is a unique handmade creation of jewelry maker Nikoletta.

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It will definitely be the most impressive gift for your bartender or drink lover friend!

All of her jewelry is handmade and produced in Greece.

The pin is made out of 925 sterling silver it comes in two colours from which you can choose from: silver and 24k yellow gold plated.

The back side of the pin is made of brass.

View this jewelery pin in Nikoletta’s shop


Some history about the cocktail shaker


The cocktail shaker can be traced to 7000 BCE in prehispanic Mexico and South America. The jar gourd was used as a closed container. In 1520, Cort├ęs wrote to King Charles V of Spain of a drink made from cacao, served to Montezuma with much reverence from a golden cylinder. Egyptians as long ago as 3500 BCE added spices to their fermented grain drinks.

By the mid-19th century, the cocktail shaker as we now know it was in wide use, invented by an innkeeper who, while using two containers to pour drinks back and forth between, noticed that one container’s mouth was smaller than the other’s and held the two together and shook them “for a bit of a show”. Rapid design advancement occurred during the late 19th century, with several patent improvements occurring during the 1870s and 1880s (see Patent history below), including the addition of integral strainer mechanisms to shakers.

During the 1920s prohibition era in the United States, cocktail shakers were produced in many different shapes and designs, including shakers that looked like penguins, zeppelins, lighthouses and airplanes. Cocktail shaker skills and drink rituals became as important in the Jazz Age lifestyle as knowing the latest dance step. It was after prohibition however, that cocktail shakers really reached their zenith of popularity. They appeared in movies, and were associated with the glamorous lives of movie stars. Cocktail shakers became de rigueur symbols of sophistication and symbols of the good life.

In 1941, the era of the cocktail shaker faltered seriously, as the United States entered World War II and all non-essential uses of metal were redirected towards the war effort. The same companies and equipment formerly used to manufacture cocktail shakers were used to make artillery shells and other war materials.

Source: Wikipedia



Bar Art

Bar art is referring to artworks, jewelery, prints and various forms of art that are depicting objects and images coming from the bar industry.

Bartending tools includes bar mats, service mats, bar spoons, bottle openers, shakers, corkscrew, cocktail stainer, cocktail rail. cocktail pourer, cutting boards, ice bucket, ice crusher, ice kit, jiggers, juicer, muddler, peeler, rimmer. Discover bar ustensils in Etsy shop

This product bar art jewelry pin is inpired by bar art tools mentionned above.


What is a bartender?

A bartender, also known as a barkeep, barman, barmaid is a person who formulates and serves drink beverages behind the bar.


Is there a difference between a brooch and a pin?

Technically speaking, pins and brooches are both decorative pieces of jewelry that attach to clothing with a sharpened metal wire on the back. However, pins are the general category for such pieces of jewelry, and brooches are a specific type of pin. So, all brooches are pins, but all pins are not brooches.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm