Unique sterling silver jacket earrings

100% handmade by the artist Kilimi Jewellery 

Material: Sterling silver 925 

Size: 2,5 x 2 cm 

Butterfly closure / earlobe

A symbol of motherhood and fertility named “Hands on the hips”

Wear these fabulous earrings as ear jackets or as simple studs! 

Gift package available

Processing Time: 3-5 days

Shipping time

EU: 5-7 days 

USA: 7-10 days 

Other countries: 10-15 days 

69.00 inc. VAT

Unique sterling silver jacket earrings

These unique sterling silver jacket earrings are handmade by the artist Kilimi Jewellery. 

The artist based in he city of Athens in Greece.

She is mostly inspired by symbols that appear in carpets and to convey these symbols into art jewelery.

Passionate about symbolic art, she has created a unique collection of silver jewellery

in order to experiment with all kind of symbols.

These uique sterling silver jackets earrings “hands on the hips” are an ode to woman body.

A statement jewelry for every day.

If you love symbols this is a perfect gift for yourself.

Every piece of the collection is handmade and carries eternal symbols of empowerment and bliss.


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What is symbolic art?

Symbolic is art is a form of art  to convey the hidden meaning to the reader or listener.

It tells us about artistic expression and represents abstract ideas.

However, it is not limited to poetry and literature.

Symbolism is one of the most important elements which gives depth to art;

it can be the color of the painting or the depiction of characters

that are significant to symbolic to some specific themes.

A painter uses symbolism when he wants to put emotions and ideas in the picture

which we can’t experience with our five senses.

It’s all about showing instead of telling.


What is an ear jacket?

An earring jacket is an additional component that fits with your existing earring stud. The jacket is created in order to wrap around your stud earrings.

It creates a 3D style to your earrings.

This method allows to embellish your earrings.

Ear jackets are extremely fancy and they are perfect to make a style statement and even change a vibe of a look.


What is 925 sterling silver?

Unlike pure silver which contains 99,9% elemental silver (Ag),

925 sterling silver refers to silver’s composition 92,5% pure silver.

The remaining 7.5% of metal refers to other metals,

such as copper which improves the durability to the metal and make it last longer.

Source: wikipedia

Does sterling silver tarnish? 

Yes, it can.

Sterling silver 925 consists of 92,5% silver (Ag) and 7.5% of other metals.

Some of these metals, such as copper can cause sterling silver tarnish.

There is variety of things lead to make a silver jewellery turn black.

Some of these are moisture and chemicals.


How can I tell if silver is real?

A genuine sterling silver jewellery has a stamp on it.

While silver 925 is the best quality, you may see a jewellery piece marked as 800 or 900.

Then you ‘ll know it contains less silver (80%, 90% silver and so on).

My sterling silver jewellery got tarnished. What can I do?

To make your silver jewellery shining as new make a paste from baking soda and water.

Put it in a soft cloth or sponge and rub it off gently.


What is originally a Kilimi? 

Kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Persian Empire,

including Iran, the Balkans and the Turkic countries.

Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs.

Modern kilims are popular floor coverings in Western households.


Read more about the word Kilim

What is Kilimi Jewellery? 

Kilimi Jewellery is an artistic project launched in 2018 in Athens by Panagoula Bouli.

The silver collection of Kilimi is an embodiment of the decorative textiles.

The symbols are recontextualized and become a jewel for the body.

They become a statement, a link between the old and the new,

a transition from tradition to modernity.

A symbol to wear



Tarnishing is a natural process. It’s a surface discolouration caused by the interaction of oxygen (air) with the silver.

However, there are more facts that affect this process.

Sweat, body cremes and perfumes play a huge part.

Store your jewellery in a safe, dry place.

Avoid moisture and liquids (perfumes, body cremes and so on).

Always check that the word silver refers to the metal, and not to the colour of the piece.

Wear your unique sterling silver jacket earrings as much as you can

You make them shine!

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm