Terms of Services

Conditions of returns for the Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Guarantee

1. Validity

The 30-day satisfaction guarantee applies only to full sets (4) of Nokian Tyres purchased from an authorized Nokian Tyres retailer.

The guarantee shall not apply if any tire within the set has experienced damage or irregular wear due to conditions delineated in the Exceptions to Warranty Coverage of Nokian Tyres Limited Warranty.

This guarantee is limited to one set of tires. Tires replaced pursuant to this 30-day satisfaction guarantee shall not thereafter be eligible for coverage under the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

2. Refunds

Returns must be made within 30 days of the original Nokian Tyres purchase and must be returned to the original authorized dealer – the original proof of purchase is required for returns.

The guarantee and refund eligibility provided herein shall not apply if any tire within the set has experienced more than 2/32 of an inch of treadwear.

This guarantee shall also not apply if any tire within the set has experienced damage or irregular wear due to conditions delineated in the Exceptions to Warranty Coverage of Nokian Tyres Limited Warranty.

Taxes, mounting and balancing costs are not included in refund.

Tires used in commercial applications are not covered.

Nokian Tyres Limited Warranty


Any new tire manufactured by Nokian Tyres that: i) is owned by the original purchaser; and ii) has remained mounted on the vehicle identied on the receipt of installation is eligible for warranty coverage, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below. Products sold through online auctions or by unauthorized dealers are not eligible for warranty coverage from Nokian Tyres. Consumers are encouraged to visit our Dealer Locator, found on our website www.nokiantires.com, to verify whether particular sellers are authorized dealers of Nokian Tyres products.


The period of warranty coverage for eligible tires extends until: i) the original usable and remaining tread reaches a depth of 2/32” or less, as evidenced by the built-in wear indicators in the tread grooves or a tire tread depth tool; or ii) five (5) years from the date of retail purchase (proof of tire purchase required); or iii) six (6) years from the date of manufacture, whichever occurs first.


If, upon examination by an authorized Nokian Tyres retailer, it is discovered that an eligible tire is unserviceable as a result of workmanship or material related conditions, that the warranty period for the tire has not expired (five (5) years from date of purchase or six (6) years from date of manufacture), and that no Exceptions to Warranty Coverage apply, the tire will be replaced at no charge (conditions apply) or at prorated cost (determined by reason of claim using mileage and/or tread depth) with an equivalent new Nokian Tyres tire by an authorized Nokian Tyres retailer. Eligibility for no charge replacement and details of prorated calculation can be found under section TIRE REPLACEMENT AND RELATED COSTS.


This Limited Warranty shall not apply if an eligible tire shows uneven wear across the tread down to the treadwear indicators (2/32” of tread remaining), or the tire damage or wear condition is due to any one or more of the following:

- Road hazards, such as puncture, cut, snag, stone drill, impact or bruise break (broken or shifted belts). 
- Use of tire chains or other additional device(s).
- Cutting or wheel spinning.
- Apparent overload or improper ination pressure.
- Wheel misalignment or tire/wheel assembly imbalance.
- Use of improper equipment.
- Vehicle conditions, defects, or characteristics.
- Improper mounting or demounting.
- Improper repair, insertion of sealant, improper balancing, or use of filler materials other than air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide.
- Intentional alteration of either the appearance or physical characteristics of the tire.
- Conditions caused by aging or improper storage.
- Racing, exceptional use, wreck, collision or fire.
- Use on an emergency vehicle.
- Exposure or contact with solvents, oils, greases, excessive heat or ozone generating devices.
- Faulty or incomplete product advice or instruction not confirmed or approved by Nokian Tyres plc.
- Failure to observe the maintenance and tire care obligations described under “Owner Obligations” or elsewhere herein.

1 Nokian Tyres One and Nokian Tyres One HT are both covered by the Pothole Limited Warranty is not transferable. Protection Program. Please refer to that program for the coverage details.


An equivalent new Nokian Tyres tire shall be either: i) the same line of tire; or ii) a tire of the same general construction and quality. If warranty coverage is applicable as a result of workmanship or material related conditions, the eligible tire will be replaced at no charge to the customer if: i) the warranty claim is submitted within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase; and ii) the amount of tread worn from the tire is twenty-five percent (25%) or less of the original usable tread. Mounting and balancing costs, and applicable taxes, will be the responsibility of the customer. If a warranty claim as a result of workmanship or material related conditions does not qualify for free replacement, the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost, mounting and balancing costs, and applicable taxes. Replacement cost shall be calculated by multiplying the Nokian Tyres retailer’s then current selling price for the replacement tire by the percentage of original usable tread that has been worn from the replaced tire. If treadwear warranty coverage is provided, the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost, mounting and balancing costs and applicable taxes.


Any replacement tires provided pursuant to this Limited Warranty shall be covered by the Nokian Tyres warranty in effect at time of replacement.


Any authorized Nokian Tyres retailer in North America can provide replacement tires. To obtain a replacement tire, you must present to the authorized Nokian Tyres retailer the original invoice for the tire being replaced and the tire. No tire replacement will be recognized unless submitted on a Nokian Tyres, Inc. - Claim Form, which must be lled out and signed by the vehicle owner or authorized representative. Nokian Tyres encourages registration of its tires as soon as possible after purchase by visiting https://www.nokiantires.com/forms/tire-registration/.


Proper tire care is necessary to obtain the maximum mileage and wear from a tire. For this Limited Warranty to be valid, Nokian Tyres requires that vehicle owners have their tires rotated and inspected by a qualified technician after the first 5,000 miles of use. Thereafter, tires should be rotated and inspected at least every 7,500 miles of use by a qualified technician. Evidence of tire rotation and inspection shall be furnished at time of making a warranty claim. Such proof must show the date, mileage and the servicing location. A properly completed Mileage and Rotation Record form or similar record will constitute sufficient documentation. Vehicle owners must ensure that tire and wheel assemblies are in balance and that tires are operated at proper inflation pressures. Tire pressures, including for spares, should be checked monthly. Pressure testing should be done when tires are cool and adjustments should be done in accordance with specifications set forth in owner’s manual.


When the remaining tread anywhere on a tire reaches a depth of 2/32” or less, the tire is fully worn out and should be removed from service.


In accordance with federal law, this warranty has been designated a “Limited Warranty.” Nothing in this Limited Warranty is intended as a representation by Nokian Tyres that tire failures cannot occur or a representation that you will receive the level of mileage warranted. Any tire, no matter how well manufactured, may fail in service or otherwise become unserviceable due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer. This Limited Warranty is intended to be in lieu of any and all other warranties and representations, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No other warranties or representations of any kind are made by Nokian Tyres, and none are to be implied by law. Unless preempted by applicable law or otherwise prohibited by mandatory rights, Nokian Tyres disclaims liability for all indirect, consequential, special and incidental damages that are or may be associated with manufacturing and design defects in workmanship or material, including, but not limited to, loss of use, lost produts and loss of business. Some states or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. The obligations under this warranty may not be enlarged upon or altered.


This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have additional rights that vary from state to state, or province to province. This Limited Warranty is applicable in Canada and the United States only. This Limited Warranty is not transferable.


To avoid property damage, personal injury or death:

- Always have your tires mounted and demounted by specially trained technicians.
- Always mount your tires on approved rims that meet ETRTO/TRA standards.
- Always have your tires rotated and inspected regularly.
- Always follow rules and recommendations in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
- Always mount studded tires in sets of four (4).
- Never simultaneously mount studded and non-studded tires on a vehicle.
- Never mount mixed tire brands on a vehicle.

Warning: It is specifically recommended that studded tires be sold and mounted in sets of four (4). Never mount two (2) studded tires on a vehicle with two (2) nonstudded tires. This could lead to severe handling problems due to differences in tire rubber compounds. It is not recommended to mix brands, product lines, or tires with differing speed ratings. This may lead to handling problems for your vehicle.


All tires experience age degradation, a condition where the physical and chemical properties of tires change over time. Age degradation can lead to a sudden tire failure. To avoid tire failures caused by age degradation, Nokian Tyres recommends tires (including spares) be removed from service and replaced 10 years after their date of the manufacture, regardless of tread depth or usable condition. The age of a tire can be determined by examining the DOT code on the tire sidewall, or by consulting a tire service professional.