Handmade oil painting

Transform your favorite photo into a fine art portrait!

Oil painting on linen

Size: 100cm height

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Handmade oil painting


Your Portrait Painting

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Transform your favorite photo into a fine art portrait.

If you would like to commission a portrait of yourself or a loved one, George Zarkadas will guide you through the process, beginning with the selection of a suitable portrait reference from your favourite photos. You will choose your preferred medium (oil on linen or graphite on paper) and image size, and indicate if you need your portrait by a specific date for a special occasion. George Zarkadas invites you to discuss your portrait project in advance by messaging, email, skype/zoom or telephone. If you are in Athens – Greece, you are welcome to meet George Zarkadas in person to plan your portrait commission.

Handmade oil painting

Portrait Power

George Zarkadas appreciates the expressive capacity of the human face and our inate ability, through nuances of light and anatomy, to discern the emotion, spirit, and character of people. George Zarkadas extends the role of a portrait beyond a likeness, letting the face reveal the humanity and inner life story of each subject.

Handmade oil painting

Portrait Oil Painting

George Zarkadas uses oil paint on linen to create your colour portrait. George Zarkadas begins each portrait painting by building a beautiful archival hand-crafted stretcher of repurposed hardwood and softwood to support the linen fabric. The artist prepares the raw linen for painting with state of the art Gamblin PVA sizing and acrylic ground. Your portrait image first takes form in thin washes of Gamblin acrylics and is developed and resolved in multiple layers of the finest lightfast Holbein oil pigments. All portrait materials are carefully selected to withstand the effects of UV light, and temperature and humidity fluctuations over time. With proper care, your portrait painting will retain its original brilliance and last many lifetimes. George Zarkadas also captures the full story of your portrait creation in photographs, time lapse and video, and includes this digital treasure with your commission for you to enjoy and to share.

Experience the creative adventure

When you embark on a portrait jouney with George Zarkadas you can expect some fun and excitement along the way. Follow the creative process with photo updates and time lapse video as your portrait story unfolds. Keep in touch by video personally with the artist in action by skype/zoom/facetime.

Handmade oil painting

Creative timelines

The time required to create your portrait paining will depend on your portrait size. Here are some guidelines. A small unframed oil painting can be produced within 5-6 days whereas a large oil portrait typically takes 3-5 weeks. Oil portraits also require 2-4 weeks to dry sufficiently. Oil paintings are typically hung unframed using the wire system provided, however the artist also offers a beautiful custom hardwood frame design for oil portraits. Keep in mind that custom framing adds production time to your portrait project. George Zarkadas will accurately estimate your production and shipping timelines based on your portrait specifications. Feel free to inquire by message, email, skype/zoom, or telephone.

Handmade oil painting

Portrait forever

George Zarkadas’ portrait paintings are created using carefully selected materials to withstand the effects of UV light, and temperature and humidity fluctuations over time. With proper care your portrait will last a lifetime. Oil portraits are painted using lightfast Holbein oil pigments on hand-prepared pure linen. A beautiful archival hand-crafted stretcher of repurposed hardwood and softwood, designed and built by the artist himself, supports your portrait handmade oil painting.

Portrait payment

Your portrait project begins with your payment of the commission and shipping fees. Portrait commissions are non-refundable.

Portrait commission price list

Portrait oil painting on linen prices: (40cm • 1200€) (60cm • 2500€) (100cm • 5000€)

Portrait graphite drawing on paper prices: (38cm • 500€) (57cm • 1200€) (76cm • 2500€)

Please contact the artist by email at stratazarkadas@gmail.com

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Dimensions 95 × 100 × 3 cm