The Diva Technique Fat Book 2006


Angie Platten's glue paper technique and Chris Gould's Schnibbles technique.

Jan Brown's woven copper and bead page and Jean Carter's found object velvet embossing.

Joanne Huffman's knitted beaded wire and Jood Osborn's masking tape canvas.

Karen Owen's Poly clay image transfer, Vonda Sisson's Wonder Under background

Judy Streger's Clay fragments

Karen Campbell's Metallic Crackle and Debi Boring's Embossed Paint

Aileen Roberts 4 samples....Gesso painting and embossing ...not sure which one she is using yet! Okay now I know

which ones she is using ...but I like all of these and am leaving them up!!

Michelle's gorgeous Illuminated Letters!  wow! You gotta see the fine detail in this one!

and Beth's fabric transfer technique

I think Santa's double sided page takes the prize for ingenuity on adding the instruction.  she gave two techniques

in on page and added on the instructions with ribbon! ..How cool!

Connie's Tyvek embellishment   and Brittney's sewing on paper technique

and Angela's UTEE and embossing powder molded faces

Shauna's peeling paper technique and Joyce's dyed paper with salt technique.

Pam's Prisma color hand tinted photo technique

Here is the process of the book starting to go together..

first the repair center for one that didn't fit under the

guard on the coil puncher....then all of the pages laid out for the collating process

 and finally the first finished book!!

Jan Brown's pages all laid out together ...each one different!

the repair center!

here they are...the pages ready to go...

the first book completed!

LOOK !!! how FAT this baby is!!!!!  WOW!! !

It was like holding a fat hoagie together, with all the lettuce and tomatoes falling out everywhere!

Well here they all are...ready to get packed up and out to their new homes!!