Follow the fun and frolicking of the Altered Art Divas Art Doll adventure!

Divas Do Artiscape in Ohio!

I would like to introduce you to my favorite women of the world.  they belong to my group Altered Art Divas.  I consider these women my best friends in the world.  We met when I started a group to facilitate a round robin for Altered books, two years ago.  We remained as a group and have grown from the original 21 to over 60.

Below, I would like for you to meet them...I will be adding photos and links to their websites and galleries as I gather them. Please go visit their sites, you will find some amazing art!!

We have had some amazing collaborative projects! click here to see!

Listed in alphabetical order of first names, let me present to you: the 

Altered Art Divas!!!

Click on their names to see their websites and photo galleries.

Scroll down to view pictures below list!

Adrienne Hurtt

Aileen Roberts

Andi Hinkle

Angie Platten

Anna Marie Catoir

Beth Bricker

Bridgette Walker

Carol Hoffmann

Caroline Chen

Catherine Warner

Chris Gould

Christy Grant

Connie Williams

DJ Pettitt

Darya Smith

Debi Boring

Debrina Pratt

Diane Gilligan

Doreen Cosenzas

Elizabeth Parsons

Karen Campbell

Karen Owen

Jackie Smith


Jan Brown

Jean Carter

Jennifer Whitmer

Joanne Thieme Huffman

Jood Osborn

Joyce Vance

Judy Streger

Karen Owen

Kathy McElroy

Mary Haldeman

Mary Jo Borton

Michelle Remy

Monica Ifland

Pam Melieste

Rande Hansen

Robin Oreweiler

Sandi Petro

Santa Torres

Shauna Thornton

Shirley McCutcheon

Sue Trump

Teri Vodicka

Vale McFadzean

Vonda Sisson

Wendy Seigman


Divas At Artiscape in Columbus Ohio Spring 2006

Divas January 2005 in Atlanta, from left to right back row: Andi, Beverly, Darya, front row: Angela (me), Joyce, Kathy, Caroline, Pam.

Divas In Michigan at my house for our first annual Retreat 2005 at our luau party.

Another gathering, at Art and Soul East September 2005,left to right, back row: Andi, Shirley, Beth, DJ, Sue, front row: Caroline, Robin, Kathy, Darya

above: Andi with Tim Holtz...she gets around, lol!!!

and The Queen Angela (yup that's's so good to be queen..LOL!!)

Angie doing art work and Beth modeling her new crown she made in Sally Jean's workshop.

Debi with our personal cabana boy, Charlie and (r) Caroline 

DJ and then Judy (r) cooking batik paper at one of the retreat classes!


Karen the Original (Campbell) sporting her Diva crown and Kathy giving a hearty hello!

Robin and then Shirley holding a newly made crown!

Sue!! Smiling as always!






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