Tiny Diva Collages

Below are the beginnings of my series of Tiny Divas.  My thoughts on life, is that we never really outgrow the things that we loved as a child!  Many of us will fit many different descriptions and loves from our Tiny Diva of childhood!  I can remember when I was little, that I loved to play dress-up, play house, play with my babies, to dance, and to play school!  To this day, all of these are still my favorite things to do or be in the world!  This is my way of Honoring that Tiny Diva that resides in all of us!   I will soon be offering all of these designs on merchandise in my Cafepress store and also hand made items such as pins, pendants and other jewelry items !

These are just the beginning!  If you don't see a Tiny Diva that expresses your Tiny Diva inside....please email me and tell me what Tiny Diva you are, add color likes, hair color and anything else your heart desires!  I will create a special Tiny Diva in your honor and add her to my site ...offering the same options as the rest


Published in Somerset Studio May/June 2006 issue

Antique-ing Diva

She never misses the opportunity of a good bargain!

Published in Somerset Studio May/June 2006 issue

Free Spirit Diva!

She always lets her spirit roam free!

Published in Somerset Studio May/June 2006 issue

Top of the World Diva!

No matter What! she is always on top of the World!

Published in Somerset Studio May/June 2006 issue

Autumn Diva

also the eight of diamonds in the Diva Seasons card deck

Good Egg Diva!

She is a little cracked, but still a Good Egg!

Gramma Diva!

She always knew that she would be the best Gramma ever!

Magical Music Diva!

The sound of her magical music can be heard every where she goes!

Time to Play Diva!

She knows in her heart that now is the time to play!

Quilting Diva!

Her quilts are sought by all~

Bride Diva!

She has always dreamed of being the perfect Bride!


Go-Go Diva!

She always was on the go exploring the world around her!


Eloquent Words Diva

the words would come seamlessly from her magical fingertips