another big winner: Scott from from Chicago, IL (r) won a speaker system provided by SVSound

on right another regular to the meets; Paul and Joe Garcia both from Jackson MI

Our grand prize winner of a gift certificate worth $1500 from AV Science, Ron from Canton, MI

Steven from Ohio, audio tech on hand...he came to set up the sound system for SVSound...the one that gave the speaker system as a prize..

Winston from Ann Arbor, MI, Steven from Ohio and Ron Stimpson from Colorado

and to end this little picture story some more pics of the girls

my door usherette, Salina

Stephanie: coordinator and cook too!  Makes the most asked for item for our meets...fruit pizza ..darn wish I had a picture of that one~


mom's pride and joy: Salina and Stephanie

my most gorgeous bartenders

Stephanie and Jackie

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large versions of some of the pictures