the Divas At Artiscape!

Andi and Beth In Lisa Engelbrecht's class!

Our new friend Andrew~  What a sport!  He had Divas I think in every one of his classes!!  He is also an amazing artist!  Every time I saw one of his creations, it took my breath away!  His use of color and composition is incredible!

Here is Judy with Andrew.  She is lucky to live close enough that they can meet once in a while and make art!

Andi in one of her finest moments...gearing up for marble dying!

Jonathan Talbot! (and me)

Lisa Engelbrecht

Amy Flowers

Forest Fairy Doll made in Amy's class!  I had a blast!

my finished collage from Jonathan Talbot's class

my collage from Lisa Engelbrecht's class, Modern Iluminated Initial!

I loved this class! I still want to add metallic stitching

some of my marbled papers