The Altered Art Divas started as the AB Newbie RR group.  As a brave newbie I put in a call for newbies on the Altered Book group to participate in a Round Robin.  The following pages are the spreads of art that I created in this very first Round Robin that I hostessed. My book is called "How to be a Fairy"

In an Altered Book Round Robin (AB RR) Each artist creates their theme and decorates their cover and then also creates sign in pages for each participating artist to sign in,  also the originating artist will create several pages to start the theme of the book.  then it is passed to the next artist to work in it. Usually the contributing artists will create any where between 1-3 spreads (two opposing pages consists of a spread) that follow within the theme of the book...artistic creation allowed.  Then the book is passed on to the next artist until all artists have created art in the book...then returned to the owner at the end.  Each artist starts a book and works in each book as it is passed 'round the group

my introduction and welcome letter

sign in pages

the first rule on how to be a fairy

children are fairies (flap closed)

study by the light of the moon

Jackie's Mystery book

the queen's missing stuff

Egytian Mystery

The inquistion

Bridgette's Kindred Spirits book

children and pets


mothers of all kinds


Santa's book

Santa's Book

Michelle's Wings book


Joyce's Childhood  book

Andi's December book